Kicks and Also Pumpkins


Ladies of FMA: Lan Fan

Should I hold my head up high?
And throw a wrench and spokes by
I’m leaving the air behind me clear

If it hadn’t-a been for Cotton Eye Jowd, I’d been married a long time ago
Yomiel, probably





If Star Wars were a 1980’s High School movie.


Hey soloontherocks

excuse me we need to talk about motorcycle gang Vader and Fett


*Effie Trinket tips her fedora at a wooden table* m’hogany

Puddleglum or Marvin the Paranoid Android?

omg how can i choose? I think I find Puddleglum more likable as a character, but Marvin gets the best dialogue, hands down.

Maya or Lynne?

let’s talk about what’s more important: Maya channeling Lynne, am I right?

ok but as a serious answer, I like both of them as characters about equally, but Maya has the edge because there’s a lot more of her.


drawing my lawyer girlfriend again and pretending i know how to color


drawing my lawyer girlfriend again and pretending i know how to color

now it's YOUR turn for Apollo vs. Franziska. CAGE MATCH. (wait no Apollo would lose that)

I love Apollo but I am definitely going with Franziska here, she’s just too perfect. I love her drive and ambition and her belligerent snark and her halting, awkward journey towards being a kinder person (there needs to be more focus on her character development if she’s ever brought back, though. So many opportunities have been passed up).

(damn right she’d win that cage match)

Isaac and Miria or Spike and Faye?

Spike and Faye. Isaac and Miria are adorable and funny, but occasionally they’re a little bit much. Spike and Faye are well-developed three-dimensional characters on top of also being hilarious dorks and I never get enough of them.